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Yoga has always been one of those disciplines that I have always wanted to give a go, but just never quite got around to trying! Until today that is!

At work I am lucky that we have Yoga supplied and today was my one to one session.  To be honest it could not have come at a better time.  I am wired for planning and training for Mds at the moment; so anything new has my full attention.  But when we look at our lives, yoga fits in on so many levels – and posture is without doubt the route of many evils!

A life spent hunched over a tri bike, driving wheel, computer desk, mobile phone etc is changing our balance and I can feel it.  Its why we have Chiropractors and Osteopaths on every street corner!

So my focus was:

  • a routine to slow me down, take 30 mins out of play for the brain.
  • to work the core
  • to open up my chest and back to simply combat modern day living.

The very first thing I noticed is how much breathing can help stretch muscles and completely switch off the brain.  A few hours on and I can feel the ache of what is basically a 30 min, beginner session ! So for the next 4 weeks you may find me sneaking off for my 30 mins.  I am certainly converted ! #noexcuses

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