Charity Chosen for 2015

IMG_1699The whole point of Captain Cymru was to have a springboard to inspire, educate and raise key funds for key projects.  Over the years I have collected for many different causes.

In 2015, it gets more personal…….

14 years ago my Mum got diagnosed with Medullary Thyroid Cancer. This year it came back.

This is a rare disease and therefore no single doctor has large number of patients under their care. For these reasons it is difficult to analyse the various treatment available.

Thyroid Cancer Support Wales, through Education, Participation and Communication help aid research and ultimately an understanding that will lead to make better placed treatment decisions in the future.

Whilst this story is far from Unique –

I have a cape, Morocco has a desert, london has a marathon and Wales an Ironman. Recipe to make a difference I am sure you will agree!!!

please donate on line here

or send a Q to:

Matthew Evans
SA70 7SE.

Thank you / Diolch

Outlaw Triathlon, 27th July 2014. Nottingham

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