The Road to Morocco



So with Ironman Barcelona 7 days behind me and having had a fantastic 7 days of eating and drinking what i like, when I like; it’s time to focus!

Using downtime to read up on races, find others that have done the races on your bucket list and review injuries and preventative methods is a great way to get ahead.  For me it was time to look at what is needed at Mds, what is achievable and more importantly how am I going to get there!


Non EvansEnd of season massage and review sessions are a great way to try and identify parts of the body that are in need of some TLC.  Its these niggles that can seriously turn into injuries during the heavier part of training.  Personally I have a few people I like to visit.  Different styles for different reasons, but also I like to get different opinions on niggles and solutions.


Getting food right is 80% of it all.  Food to live, food to fuel and food to recover.  Get any of it wrong and it costs us.  I have tried all the faddy diets (ask my wife!) but its time to bin the lot and just get eating right!!  I have employed the services of Non Evans and done this for a number of reasons. A natural born athlete Non Evans has been playing sport since she began to run at the tender age of one. Throughout an illustrious and internationally recognised career she has been an International Rugby player, Olympic Games commentator, Commonwealth Games competitor and medalist (she is in fact the only female to have competed at three different disciplines at the Commonwealth Games), TV and Radio presenter, successful businesswoman and recipient of an MBE.

There are few people who have excelled at sport at international level in more than one sporting discipline – but Non Evans has competed with honours at international level for over 20 years at 5 different sports – Rugby Union, Judo, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, Weightlifting& Powerlifting.  So basically, if I do not do what she says – she is gonna kick my arse !




Planning is everything if you lead even a moderately busy life.  Plan food, training, rest and quality time with family.  write it down, put it in your diary, put training sessions in the family diary and stick to it.  At home we call it the slot.  Miss your slot? Tough, its now family time.


Right now – no idea! Personally, I did not know a sleeping bag could cost more than a second hand car! Food that begins life as dust before you add water and a first aid kit that is simply just scary ! But there is something extra cool about carrying Venom Spray!  Beats energy gels all day long !


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