New Adventure Eve….

Race Prep


As I sit here tonight with butterflies dancing through my stomach; there is something quite special happening.  Its that first time feeling once again; and I am loving it !

Tomorrow morning will see me line up alongside Steve, Nicky and Daf, our team that will head out to MDS in a little under 4 weeks.  With the exception of Daf, none of us have ever run over 26.2 miles ! Dat is from Whitland and counting has never been his strong point, so he may well be in our camp too !!

Tomorrow that is all about to change….I hope !

Its funny how a focus of an event changes over time.  Personally, I have done a lot of events, a damn lot ! So when we entered MDS, the only thing that shot through my mind was….Adventure! I visualised sand dunes, heat, the tents and to be honest the party at the end did take up quite a bit of the thought too!

But only now as I sit here, has it finally sunk in – How am I gonna get through this? 44 miles tomorrow is beginning to spin me out ! back to back marathons in the desert, 50 degree heat, with a sneaky rumoured 60 mile section thrown in to celebrate 30 years, just doesn’t bear thinking about!

And you know what? – There is the answer! Don’t think just do ! I think I can recall a number of teachers telling me that too !  But there is a lesson in there.  We are here.  The training is done, rightly or wrongly it is done. Now its about enjoying every minute of the opportunity all 4 of us have been blessed with.  And to simply be here is a blessing.


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  1. andy

    Good luck just did my first ultra trail marathon in February it is very mental crossing the 27 mile mark but just stick to your plan and keep the pace this will be much slower obviously but have a laugh and eat/drink lots :)

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