February 2016
Proviz Review
OK now and again you come across a product and think – I have got to phone the lads !! Well this is one of them !! An idea that came about from 2 brothers that quite clearly realised that there was a huge need for cyclists especially to upgrade visibility.  The market, as it...
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One of the best pieces of advice, apart from never give any advice; would certainly be Nutrition.  Get your head around it, better still spend some time talking to a Nutrition coach about it. We spend hours smashing the tarmac, pool, gym or bike and merely minutes perusing the odd email about Carbs, protein etc…....
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Bridge to Bridge
Ok lets get this straight; Of all the sports I do, swimming is not a strong point.  In fact neither is cycling or running; somehow I just manage to stick the three together!! So, when a friend John Rothery mentioned lets do Henley; he kept the detail to a minimum !!! 14k swim, 3 waves,...
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