PROVIZ REFLECT360 – Running Jacket

OK now and again you come across a product and think – I have got to phone the lads !! Well this is one of them !!

An idea that came about from 2 brothers that quite clearly realised that there was a huge need for cyclists especially to upgrade visibility.  The market, as it probably still does, completely under delivers.  But this little baby – well I think its great.

First things first – Stand in a dark room, grab your phone, put the flash on and take a photo! Trust me you will be uploading those pics to every form of Social media in seconds with an array of one liners!!

Proviz Review

I suppose, gadgets aside, i need to talk about the fit.  Personally, I feel the cut is great. I bought mine to run in and cycle in. Works well for both.  I have always run in more of a cycle jacket, only because for some reason I find them more comfortable, but this feels just sits well.  The wrist band is adjustable and does not cut.  As most jackets in 2015,  it has a head phone socket in the chest pocket.  (Note – Do not wear head phones when cycling !! )  And the perforated back and under arms work well for me too.  But a part of me just wants to put it, get out for a run, and wait for their lights slowly come  into contact its like the opening scene of a Star trek episode !

Price – They are about £75 in stores at the moment.  I have read the blogs and some think its pricey.  Would you pay an extra £20 if you are lying on the sofa, leg in plaster, because you got knocked off you bike?  Yes! That aside – I think its worth that.  I really do.  With the new 2016 models now hitting the shelves there are some great deals on the old model.

Proviz Review

And as the summer gets closer and the nights draw out, does this jacket become redundant?? Oh no!!!  Lock it in the cupboard for the late night BBQ; when it gets dark, pop it on, grab your iPhone, flick on the flash and boom – you are the star of the show !!

PRO – May well keep you alive!
CON – May lead to over running and injury!

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