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ironman wales

10 Tips for Ironman Wales

It’s Race Week and as I am 50% responsible for what you are about to endure many are calling to ask about hints and tips for the weekend.  Some of you will be going for a Kona slot and will have your own race day plan, power, nutrition etc.  So a caveat, this is for...
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New Adventure Eve….

  As I sit here tonight with butterflies dancing through my stomach; there is something quite special happening.  Its that first time feeling once again; and I am loving it ! Tomorrow morning will see me line up alongside Steve, Nicky and Daf, our team that will head out to MDS in a little under...
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The Road to Morocco

  So with Ironman Barcelona 7 days behind me and having had a fantastic 7 days of eating and drinking what i like, when I like; it’s time to focus! Using downtime to read up on races, find others that have done the races on your bucket list and review injuries and preventative methods is...
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A place for Yoga

Yoga has always been one of those disciplines that I have always wanted to give a go, but just never quite got around to trying! Until today that is! At work I am lucky that we have Yoga supplied and today was my one to one session.  To be honest it could not have come...
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Turbo training session

Turbo Time

As the nights draw in, its time to dust off the old Turbo trainer and put some focussed sessions together. Whether you live on the snow-locked Colorado Front Range or in your office for 13 hours a day, the indoor trainer is a key part of many riders’ midweek training regimens. Follow these five workout...
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