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The Grand to Grand Ultra

273 km in 6 stages, over 7 days. Make no mistake, it’s tough Running through the Utah and Arizona desert, climbing over 18,000 feet ! The Grand to Grand Ultra is the first self-supported stage footrace ever to take place in America, on a world class course that has been experienced by few brave adventurers....
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Otillo – Swim Run World Championship

4 years ago my brother in Law bought me a book for Christmas – “The greatest races on earth”.  Some we had done, many we had not; but one race stood out, “The Otillo.”  Island to Island – Swim and run between 26 islands over 75k. Run in your wetsuit, swim in your trainers, tied...
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Matthew Evans

Plan F

So Austria was to be my last Long Distance Triathlon race. 2.4 miles swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run – Sub 11 hours the Target. One thing long distance racing teaches you is to have options. A plan A if all is going well, but you always need a plan b even...
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Bridge to Bridge

Henley – Bridge to Bridge

Ok lets get this straight; Of all the sports I do, swimming is not a strong point.  In fact neither is cycling or running; somehow I just manage to stick the three together!! So, when a friend John Rothery mentioned lets do Henley; he kept the detail to a minimum !!! 14k swim, 3 waves,...
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London – It’s Simply Brilliant !

Oh, I had so forgotten how good London was…….. To be honest, London was the start of the Thyroid Cancer Trust (TCT) Campaign.  I was very kindly offered a place to raise funds for TCT.  However, having run a few, I really did not think anyone would sponsor me enough to warrant taking the place....
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Marathon Des Sables

So here it is! Not a full race report, 7 days worth may be a bit dull! Will save that for a chapter in the book, available in all good book stores…obviously! This is a synopsis, some feelings and maybe some takeaways for those that end up  heading to MDS in the future. The four...
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